Young and Unbeknownst

When we were born into the world we thought we understood what life was. We played with the other kids in the playground and we thought we felt what it meant to be hurt. We kiss someone on the lips and we thought we knew how it was to love.

We were wrong.

We were wrong because the number we have added to the years we had on earth doesn’t mean maturity. We were wrong thinking that once we label ourselves as adults we already knew how to survive. We thought we could live this life without counting the costs and what it means to walk by faith and not by sight.

We were too engrossed with our strengths to face the trials and with our ideals that we can get through this. We thought we didn’t need a God who could help us to carry our hearts and our bodies when we can’t carry it ourselves.

One thing I ask for all of us who thought we were kings and rulers of this world and that we are conquerors through our own grit alone, that we be proven wrong. And that the only real way to survive, is to listen to good counsel of those who fought ahead of us. And that the only way to truly live is to understand grace that the Almighty Being constantly provides. And that the only true way to love is to understand the cross.


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